Contact Lens Fitting and Training

contact lens

Our office is equipped with the newest and latest brands in contact lenses. Our Doctors personally conduct each contact lens fitting and examination and have the ability to correct most prescriptions with contact lenses. Our friendly office staff provides training sessions for new wearers to ensure the lenses are worn correctly. We offer competitive pricing allowing our patients to purchase lenses at costs lower than those found on the internet.


At STC Optometry, our Doctors are familiar with the newest and latest contact lenses on the market. Our contact lens fittings begin with a comprehensive eye examination. Your Doctor determines an accurate prescription and will confirm that you are a good candidate for contact lenses. He or she will then determine what your visual needs are; do you require correction for astigmatism, distance vision, and/or near vision? Do you work in a dusty environment? Do you have dry eyes? Based on this discussion, our doctors will select the best lens for you and your eye shape.

In most cases, we will have your trial contact lenses in the office for you to try. You will wear these lenses for a week and return to the office for a no-charge follow-up. If you are uncomfortable with the lens, or the doctor finds the lens is a poor fit, an alternative lens is recommended. Once your doctor is content with the fit and vision obtained with the lens, the prescription is finalized.


Contact lens insertion and removal training is provided to all patients who are new to wearing contacts or those who have not worn contacts in an extended period of time. Our staff at STC Optometry will provide clear instructions so that you leave our office feeling confident and successful when inserting, removing, or caring for your contact lenses.


  • Daily lenses, bi-weekly lenses, monthly lenses, or conventional lenses.
  • Sphere, astigmatism, mono-vision, multi-focal, and color contact lenses.
  • Gas Permeable Lenses (RGP) including sphere, astigmatism, bi-focal, and multi-focal options.

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