Eye infections and Emergencies

eye infection treatment

Your Optometrist can help save you hours while you visit you nearest walk-in clinic or emergency room. We treat all red eyes, pink eyes, foreign bodies, and other ocular emergencies, and are known as the primary eye care providers of North America.

Emergency eye care services are offered at STC Optometry for all eye infections and eye injuries. If you are experiencing a medical emergency during office hours, please call our office immediately.

Our Optometrists treat the following eye emergencies:

  • Eye Infections: all red eyes, “pink eyes,” painful eyes, or itching
  • Eye Irritations: ocular allergies, dry eyes, irritated eyes, and contact lens complications
  • Trauma: foreign body removal, scratched eyes, or any eye trauma
  • Other Visual Symptoms: such as flashes, floaters, or sudden loss of vision


An imbalanced tear film may be due to inadequate tear production or poor quality of tears; this leads to dry eye. Symptoms of dry eye include a gritty feeling, burning and even excessive tearing. The majority of patients over the age of 65 experience some form of dryness.

Dry eye is a common eye condition that can result from improper production of tears or an imbalance of your tear film. This can be visually disturbing and leave your eyes feeling tired, gritty, scratchy, burning, or even result in excessive tearing. There are a number of factors that cause dry eye. Age, gender, environmental conditions, certain medical conditions and medications can all cause dry eye symptoms.

Your Optometrists at STC Optometry will carefully analyze your tear film, identify the severity of the dry eye, rule out specific causes of dry eye, and prescribe the appropriate measures to improve your symptoms.

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