Surgery Co-Management

LASIK post care

Lasik, PRK, and Cataract co-management is implemented at our office. We work alongside the GTA’s best ophthalmologists and refractive surgeons to help manage your eye care needs.


Our office works collaboratively with Ophthalmologists in the GTA to provide you with a cohesive and thorough treatment plan. If a referral is deemed necessary, the staff at STC Optometry will find you the next available appointment and provide your Ophthalmologist or Family Physician with a detailed report of your findings.


Once your Optometrist determines your cataract is visually disturbing and ready to be removed, STC Optometry will schedule a cataract evaluation and removal with a surgeon for you. We will guide you through each step and will monitor you closely post-surgery to insure your eyes are fully healed.


Ask your Doctors at STC Optometry if you are a candidate for laser surgery. We are open to answering all of your questions and providing a complementary Lasik consultation for you after the completion of your comprehensive eye exam. A number of factors determine if you are a prospective candidate including your age, prescription, and ocular health. Once you are deemed a fit candidate, your Optometrists at STC Optometry will work closely with the lasik surgeon to ensure a successful outcome. Continuous counselling and guidance will be provided and your Optometrist will see you routinely for pre- and post-operative follow-ups.

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